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We stand by the quality of our services across all sectors, and we are proud to have the commendation of our clients.


We will work closely with you to tailor solutions suited to your circumstances, while providing the highest possible standard of service & quality to ensure your project looks & feels as fresh as the day we’re done.

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Many of our clients with sites that have high maintenance and high traffic surfaces such as schools, aged care and health facilities prefer to implement a paint maintenance programme for their facility.

Paint Maintenance Programmes are tailored to each individual facility’s needs and budget alike. The average paint maintenance programme usually runs for a period of 5 years with annual discretionary hours being performed annually. The nominated discretionary hours can be used at the site’s discretion.

An attractive spread of costs.

A financial guarantee given the majority of work is carried out in the first year, yet the client costs in Year 1 are significantly less than the completed works

Predetermined costs to allow for accurate budgeting.

Buildings that are maintained to a high standard for the term of the programme.

Constant protection for building substrates to minimize potential repairs to your asset

Cost savings through a reduced frequency of complete ‘once off’ repainting works.

Nearly all commercial painting businesses offer this service. However, the one thing that they will not highlight will be the ‘true costs’ of a paint maintenance programme to the client. The yearly price creep using terms such as indexation, paint price increases, CPI etc and how they will compound these increases throughout the life of a programme. We offer fixed pricing so there are no nasty surprises towards the back end of programme.

Please make an appointment so we can show you how best to utilize your budget, through being transparent – without the hidden charges. 



General Painting

Synergy Painting Group can provide coating systems for internal and external surfaces, including general painting solutions through to specialist protective coatings. We understand that no two projects are the same and we take the time to visit your site and consult with you as what your level of expectations and budget requirements are. Together we can then tailor a suitable outcome for all parties.



Colour Consultations

Synergy Painting have own ‘in-house’ colour overlay programme where we can provide you with colour overlays colours palette’s for your building to give you a visual idea of how we can transform your building prior to the commencement of painting works.



Exterior Timber Protection

Exterior surfaces such as timber are often exposed to harsh weather elements and require annual renewing and recoating to ensure the substrate is not only protected from harsh UV and moisture, but also left visually appealing. If they are left too long, it can be a rather expensive to attempt to bring the timber fibres ‘back to life’



High-pressure Cleaning

Synergy Painting always wash down exterior surfaces to remove any dirt and contaminants prior to the commencement of painting works. As part of our service offering we can also provide a low and high pressure cleaning service to ensure that all your pre-finished surfaces are also cleaned from dirt and grime.



Difficult-to-reach Surfaces

If your site has those hard to access surfaces we provide a broad range of access equipment, scaffolding and machines that allow us to access those surfaces using the safest possible processes and procedures. Synergy Painting Group can also provide qualified level 3 abseiler painters for multi-story / high rise painting projects.



After Hours Works

Synergy Painting Group are experienced working in ‘live’ environments. We understand the importance and sensitivity when working in live environments. We also understand that sometimes there is no other option but to work night shifts and weekends to ensure that the painting works are completed with the least disruption to the site as possible.



Synergy Painting also provide a rendering service. If you are considering painting your asset or wanting to modernize your building – why not consider rendering as part of your project.




Whether it’s installing new linemarking or simply reinstatement of your faded linemarking, Synergy Painting Group assists many facilities in performing these works that are often forgotten about.


Roof Coatings

Just like exterior timber surfaces, roofing has to endure some of the harshest weather elements. Being ‘out of sight – out of mind’ often roofing doesn’t become an issue until there are internal repairs required to ceilings and walls. Synergy Painting uses a variety of products and processes to provide protection for your roofing – but also assists the visual appeal of your building. Often painting your roof can be the ‘Cherry on top’ of your external painting works.


Epoxy Floor Coatings

Synergy Painting Group provides painting services to a variety of customers that utilize our Epoxy Floor Coating service offering. These sites can vary from industrial work shop floors to new tilt slab factory site floors, through to the retail, shopping centre and shopfitting sectors. Whichever sector it is, all their nominated floor space requires a protective epoxy finish – are all high traffic surfaces and require a long term coating solution. Whether you require flake or solid epoxy coatings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Lead and Asbestos

Both asbestos and lead were commonly used in construction projects up until the late 1970s when the health risks were better understood and legislation was created to limit the use of these substances. Despite laws banning most uses of lead and asbestos, these substances still remain and can create health issues for the environment, employees, children, tradespeople and the wider community. Synergy Painting Group are trained to identify the presence of lead and asbestos upon visual inspection and on-stie testing. We assess and provide suitable solutions and outcomes for our clients. There are a number of solutions we can provide depending on the condition of the substrate and your expectations.



Playground Rejuvenation

If your playground is looking tired or you have a new playground installed and would like us to match your old playground to your new playground, we might be able to assist using specialized protective coating techniques. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal to discuss options. This could be a cost-effective solution when considering replacing with a new playground.



Concrete Re-Sealing

As part of our complete service offering Synergy Painting Group also provides a concrete re-sealing service to existing concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces for both residential and commercial settings.




Synergy Painting Group consult with our customers across a broad range of industries to offer a range of services in addition to our painting solutions. We aim to satisfy our client expectations; we take the time to listen and then communicate effectively as to how we can partner with you to provide the best possible outcome for all parties.

From site audits, building repairs, difficult to access surfaces, paint maintenance planning through to colour consulting and specifications. You can rest easy with the knowledge that Synergy Painting Group will deliver on your project expectations.

Together in ‘Synergy’ we thrive on achieving your goals at a high level of quality – yet at an affordable and realistic budget.



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